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Battery 4200mAh Quality Good Or Bad To See Batteries
Nov 01, 2017

Battery 4200mAh quality good or bad to see batteries
Battery 4200mAh will be the market's favorite, and it achieved the current market achievements, a big reason is that it can be the second charge. However, the two reasons that make it possible for secondary charging are batteries and protective circuit boards. In this one, the most critical determinant is the batteries, the common polymer batteries is a kind of batteries.
In a common Battery 4200mAh, is composed of batteries and protection circuit board, the role of the protection circuit board is a protective effect on the battery to ensure that it is not damaged in the charge, it is Battery 4200mAh in the storage Part of us. Therefore, Battery 4200mAh the most important should be said that the batteries. Battery quality determines the quality of the battery 4200mAh quality is good or bad. Now our phones are using the Battery 4200mAh, to the second charge.
There are three types of batteries, namely, aluminum batteries, flexible batteries, cylindrical batteries. General battery on the battery 4200mAh is the use of aluminum batteries, and Bluetooth and other digital products using soft package batteries, we often use the notebook Battery 4200mAh with Bluetooth is not the same as the cylindrical batteries.
Although the battery can make Battery 4200mAh secondary charge, but it also has the impact of good or bad. On the other hand, its discharge power is relatively large, the same voltage under the limit current is greater than the battery, which means that the output of its cell performance, power. The bad thing is that its capacity is relatively small, in general, about 800 mAh, and in short circuit and external harsh environment is easy to explode, the higher the risk, if its metal shell explosion, that power really Can not be underestimated, so the use of charging need to always pay attention.
Select the use of batteries, the best use of polymer batteries, its endurance is relatively strong, the capacity is relatively large, it is the same volume than the capacity of lithium batteries 20 percent larger, the most critical is if you encounter Short circuit led to Battery 4200mAh bulging will not explode, it is even more secure.
Life in many places can see the application of Battery 4200mAh group, simple to the battery Battery 4200mAh are the embodiment of its application. In fact, Battery 4200mAh combination of two cases, one is in series, one is parallel.
Series is to increase the voltage of Battery 4200mAh, multiple Battery 4200mAh combined in series into a corresponding increase in the voltage. While the parallel is to increase the power. In fact, is not in favor of Battery 4200mAh in parallel, but in actual use, some manufacturers will Battery 4200mAh parallel together, because the parallel power doubled, while the resistance is reduced by half, which is the Battery 4200mAh Driving power than the original enhanced. But when these manufacturers in parallel, will Battery 4200mAh computer analysis, and then the smallest difference between the Battery 4200mAh pair. Because the Battery 4200mAh in parallel, if the difference between the two Battery 4200mAh relatively large, one of which will discharge to another, which consumes their own energy, their own damage will increase, resulting in reduced service life, in the course of the use , Battery 4200mAh will gradually increase the difference, the capacity of the Battery 4200mAh will slow down, the capacity of the battery 4200mAh will accelerate the decline, both a life extension, a shortened life, so sophisticated detection pairing is essential. In daily life, we do not operate the Battery 4200mAh in parallel to avoid damage to Battery 4200mAh.