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Glace Battery Maintenance Need To Pay Attention To What Aspects
Nov 01, 2017

Glace Battery maintenance need to pay attention to what aspects
There are many places in life need to use the Glace Battery, but if not a good protection of the battery, it will lead to shorter service life. Not only will we affect our daily use, but also let us have some unnecessary expenses. Here to introduce some of the daily maintenance of the problem, as long as the following can be done, you can easily protect the battery.
Note 1, do not use frequently. No matter what you want to use the battery to do, in order to ensure its life, it is best not to use frequently. Especially some unnecessary use is to try to avoid, the only way to make the best protection of the battery. If you really need a long time to use, it is best to pay attention to other aspects of protection.
Note 2, pay attention to charge. If you do not use the battery for a long time, then also pay attention to its charging problem, which is a protection of its internal. The battery inside the chemical substances need to remain active in order to continue to use, it is recommended that you better in about one to two months on the Glace Battery for a full charge and discharge, the only way to ensure its internal activity, the use of time will Grows. Even if it is often used, or to pay attention to this problem.
Note 3, pay attention to the balance problem. Now the protection board will play a protective role, you can extend the battery life. But if you are using Glace Battery, then we should pay attention to its balance problem. So as to ensure the overall coordination, to extend its use of time and life.
Just do the above three points, I believe you can protect your Glace Battery. In the use of time we have to pay special attention to some minor problems, once the battery has been abnormal, it must be repaired. If you have been unable to repair, in order to ensure that our safety, or to timely replacement. Do not lose big, the use of old battery damage is very large, we must carry out regular checks, there are problems in a timely manner for.
Glace Battery is the favorite of the market, and it is now the market achievements, a big reason is that it can be the second charge. However, the two reasons that make it possible for secondary charging are batteries and protective circuit boards. In this one, the most critical determinant is the batteries, the common polymer batteries is a kind of batteries.
In a common Glace Battery, is composed of batteries and protective circuit board, the role of the protection circuit board is a protective effect on the battery to ensure that it is not damaged in the charge, it is Glace Battery storage Part of us. So, Glace Battery in the most important should be said that the batteries. The quality of the batteries determines the quality of Glace Battery is good or bad. Now our phones are using the Glace Battery, to the second charge.
There are three types of batteries, namely, aluminum batteries, flexible batteries, cylindrical batteries. General cell phone battery is used in aluminum batteries, and Bluetooth and other digital products using soft package batteries, we often use the laptop battery with Bluetooth is not the same as the cylindrical batteries.
Although the battery it can make Glace Battery secondary charge, but it also has the impact of good or bad. On the other hand, its discharge power is relatively large, the same voltage under the limit current is greater than the battery, which means that the output of its cell performance, power. The bad thing is that its capacity is relatively small, in general, about 800 mAh, and in short circuit and external harsh environment is easy to explode, the higher the risk, if its metal shell explosion, that power really Can not be underestimated, so the use of charging need to always pay attention.