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Rechargeable Battery Need To Pay Attention To Fire
Oct 19, 2017

Rechargeable Battery need to pay attention to fire
Rechargeable Battery are also divided into two categories: non-rechargeable and rechargeable two categories. A non-Rechargeable Battery is called a disposable battery. It can only convert chemical energy into electricity at once, and can not restore the energy back to chemical energy (or to a poor performance). The Rechargeable Battery is called a secondary battery (also known as a battery). It can be converted into chemical energy can be stored in the use of chemical energy can then be converted into electrical energy, it is reversible, such as energy chemistry can Rechargeable Battery main features.
In the use of Rechargeable Battery should also pay attention to fire, there are many people may be familiar with the phone from the Rechargeable Battery. In fact, it is used in many home appliances. Needless to say, Rechargeable Battery are efficient, lightweight, and so the advantages are making it quickly to promote the application. However, do you know, use careless, it will make you mess with "fire" upper body?
Rechargeable Battery can be used for more than 5 years, in recent years is gradually out of the use of alkaline batteries and manganese batteries , Widely used in many high-end home appliances and mobile phones.
Rechargeable Battery are different from the current manganese batteries and alkaline dry batteries of zinc chloride and potassium hydroxide water-soluble electrolyte, which uses an organic solvent. Rechargeable Battery are made of manganese dioxide, lead fluoride, sulfur chloride and other materials. The lithium metal foil used in the negative electrode is stronger than the zinc chloride used in the negative electrode of the battery, and the positive and negative voltage difference is large, which improves the working efficiency of the Rechargeable Battery.
However, the Rechargeable Battery in the course of the use of often fever, burning phenomenon, the impact of the use of the host, the weight will burn the host will cause a fire. According to reports, Japan has occurred in recent years due to Rechargeable Battery caused by the burning of the family fever.
Then the Rechargeable Battery Why heat, burning it? The original Rechargeable Battery in contact with many of the material after the water can be a violent chemical reaction and the release of a large number of heat can lead to fever, burning phenomenon. Rechargeable Battery cathode of manganese dioxide, only a small drop of water can be a fever phenomenon. Rechargeable cells in the sulfur chloride in contact with water, the formation of hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide at the same time the release of heat, several factors make the Rechargeable Battery life "fire", so people in the use of Rechargeable Battery must pay attention Waterproof, moisture-proof. After a variety of host deactivated, should be removed Rechargeable Battery placed in a dry, low temperature at the safe custody to prevent and avoid improper use of Rechargeable Battery caused by the occurrence of family fires.
The domestic Rechargeable Battery industry is also becoming more mature. Xiao Chengwei that, after years of accumulation, the Chinese battery business is not vulnerable, China and South Korea, the gap between the battery business is gradually narrowing. Therefore, from the positive point of view, the signing of this agreement is to further introduce the market competition, enhance the vitality of domestic enterprises to promote the development of enterprises to accelerate the good things.
For the Rechargeable Battery industry, the impact of shuffling, a domestic battery company responsible for the domestic market sales staff have deep experience, the person told the crown of Rechargeable Battery, electric vehicles, high-speed development of hot money into the power battery industry, Local government for the local economy, but also willing to support the development of these enterprises, a short period of time the number of enterprises increased dramatically, but subject to technology, production, cost and other bottlenecks, many companies began to collapse, leading to the use of the enterprise battery customers in the maintenance, Left a lot of problems, "our business received a lot of similar customers, because they can not find the original battery suppliers and asked to re - supporting.